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I’ve been super quiet all week…

I’ve been very, very quiet this week.  It’s an unusual kind of quiet for me, especially given the big deal going on this weekend!!!  The norm for me before anything big is to be very chatty. very excited and share … Continue reading

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I absolutely REFUSE to be sick!!!

There are 5 days and 11 hours until the Wineglass Half Marathon.  I have been training for this race since June.  In preparation for this very race is have run more than 192 miles.  I have battled calf pain and … Continue reading

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Today was not a rest day

Saturday is my only rest day.  I know most of my fellow runners use Saturdays as their long run day, the day they prove to the world that they are in fact real live runners!!  I work most Saturdays so … Continue reading

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Wordless (ALMOST) Wednesday

I had an entirely different post planned but this took precedence! Buyer Beware: CROSSFIT

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Slaying Dragons and Making Dinner

I woke up feeling apprehensive about my run this morning.  That’s normal, since I’m insane always a tiny bit anxious about my long runs.  I’ve gotten a lot better about it but it’s a slow process!  I wish I could … Continue reading

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How do you stay motivated on the way to your big goals?

Normally I am goal oriented.  I thrive on setting a large goal and smaller ones along the way and then ticking off my accomplishments along the way.  I rarely get distracted from the big picture and most of the time, … Continue reading

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There is a chill in the air and dinner is in the crockpot

The past few days have been everything a fall day should be.  There has been plenty of sunshine with just the right amount of chill in the air that you grab a coat, just in case, on your way out … Continue reading

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Because I will never forget…

As an American, today resonates with me, just like so many of you.  I think back to getting a phone call, to turning on the television and to the understanding of the fact that the impossible, the horrific, the unthinkable, … Continue reading

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my week at a very quick glance… low mileage, low stress, new shoes and some surprise healing!

I haven’t run very much this week.  Vacation was all about mileage building and 2 a days and creating a successful pattern to carry back home with me as we prepare for our first half marathon of the season ( … Continue reading

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Okay folks….  I don’t have time to post until later tonight but I am excited to announce the winners of last week’s giveaway! So here they are: a Rafflecopter giveaway Please email me at as soon as possible with … Continue reading

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