Wineglass Half Marathon Race Recap

MY APOLOGIES FOLKS!  This is going to be a long one (but it was a long race)

This Sunday I ran the Wineglass Half Marathon.  It was my first Half marathon in two and a half years and I was petrified about how I would perform!  For more on how I was totally freaked out by the whole thing, check out my last  post.  I was really nervous since it was my first race EVER without my training partner, my husband.  He is currently battling some tendinitis in his knee and had to sit this race out.  I was lucky enough to have some amazing runners in my life and called on Colleen to take Rob’s bib and join in the madness.  Thank goodness she ran!  I couldn’t quit and she helped me be a lot less scared to death of the whole ordeal :)

We hopped in Charlie Tango, my black MINI Cooper Convertible, and headed for the expo.  Because both Colleen and I are directionally useless, the one and a half hour drive took about 3 hours!  To be fair, we had to drive through The Grape Festival in Naples, NY which added quite a but of time and my GPS may have failed us a couple of times as well.  We had planned on poking around the Expo but got there with less than 10 minutes to pick up our packets!!  It was certainly an adventure…  but alas, we got to our hotel and after figuring out they had somehow lost our reservation, they got us settled in a smoking room (a runner’s dream come true)!

After eating almost nothing all day, we were both starving and decided to grab dinner.  First I made sure to follow my totally neurotic routine and lay out my race day outfit so I felt comfortable that I had everything.  I’ve traveled for a lot of races and I am trying to establish the best routine for me and I’ve found this helps me stress a whole lot less.

Because we are responsible adults, we made a great dinner choice and ended up at the closest possible restaurant to the hotel, Chili’s.  Okay, fine, we chose Chili’s because we were just afraid to get lost AGAIN!
We made tons of great food choices to fuel our runs.  I think I shocked Colleen a bit with my madness and indecision over menu items but in the end I was pretty pleased with my choices!

Yes…  I actually ate ALL of it!!!!!
Don’t I look happy???

I fought the urge to order the margaritas, but I contemplated them for my entire meal.  I reminded myself that a REAL runner would NEVER even consider margaritas before a race.  Obviously, I have some work to do on this front.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel and pretended to go straight to bed.  Instead, we fell asleep chatting!  Before bedtime Colleen did this:
She’s so crafty!  She thinks of everything… like writing our desired split times on our arm…  she knows me well enough to know I’d probably lose any paper we wrote it down on!
My secret is out…  I’m a cheery morning person!

Our alarms went off early and we were up and out the door after drinking some coffee.  SIDENOTE:  Colleen did not appreciate my morning chatty-ness and ran away to get us coffee before she hit me!  I think I scared her!!!!

tweeting right before the start

Us Pre-race

Anyhow, we headed to the finish line where shuttles were lined up to take us to the start.  It was super organized and easy to navigate.  Once on the shuttle, we split a Premier Protein Bar for breakfast and took a whole bunch of silly pictures. We tried not to focus on how nervous we were and talked about our plan. We started the race with the 2:20 pace group but left them behind before we hit the first mile marker.  We theorized that we would know we were where we needed to be as long as they were behind us and if we needed to slow down, we could find them and stick with them.

I have to say that I usually run alone and always thought that I preferred to do so.  After running with Colleen, who I have worked with for a long time, I am really questioning that.  The best part about this race was that when I felt like I wanted to slow down, I didn’t because I knew Colleen was there.  I know there were parts of the race where I could see she was struggling and the simple fact that I was able to see that helped her keep going.  It was wonderful having someone next to me who read my non verbals and pushed me to challenge myself, regardless of the fact that our approach to running is completely different .  There were very few moments throughout the race where I did not feel great!!!

Somewhere around mile 10 (or 11, I had a tough time distinguishing between those 2) Colleen got caught up at a water stop when someone less than considerate stopped directly in front of her. She slowed and when I looked back I had trouble finding her.  I yelled for her to come up and join me.  She responded told me to keep pushing and that her leads had turned into lead.  I yelled back at her that she wasn’t allowed to walk!  This was her first race without her dad and I knew she had struggled with that mentally.  I reminded her that he wanted her to run her best race and I kept moving.  As much as I wanted my friend, I couldn’t have slowed down and kept feeling good and I knew it.  Good thing she did too, because I struggled for the rest of the miles thinking I was the worst friend in the world!!  Part of me truly believes that if I had slowed, we both would have finished faster…  I guess we will never know!

After hitting the mile 12 marker, I slowed noticeably.  My GPS failed in reporting splits for some unknow reason but I am sure this was my slowest mile.  I feel like it probably took me 12 minutes to finish the last mile.  If there is anything I regret, it is that I didn’t move faster that final mile.  The good news is that I did, in fact PR!!!  I   finished the race as 2:20:19 according to the official record.  I waited and about a minute and a half later. Colleen came across the finish line and also recorded her first PR!  I was so incredibly proud of both of us!!!

So to summarize, This was the best day EVER!!!!!

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12 Responses to Wineglass Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Lena says:

    That picture of you in the morning is just too cute. Congrats on a great race! I’m so glad that you had a good time, I know you were stressing about it leading up to the race! Great job!

  2. Lisa says:

    Congrats! Sounds like you had a blast!

  3. congrats! sounds like a great time! i love it when races feel good and strong.

  4. Congrats to you- and yay for a new pr! That’s awesome that you had a friend to run with. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through an entire race with a friend.

  5. Kate Edney says:

    Congratulations! I think it takes time to know where you stand running with a friend, and you guys did an incredible job for your first race together. Much love!

  6. DANG.
    so so so so fun looking too.
    hmmmm :-)


  7. Tabitha says:

    Congrats on the PR. I love your skirt! What brand is it? SPA <3

  8. KatSnF says:

    Fantastic finish lady!

  9. Tara (Me+) says:

    Great post! Congrats! I love the pre-race coffee! I am the same way!!! SPA Love! Cheers!

  10. Jenelle says:

    yay!! Congrats! Next year……!!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Congratulations on your PR and a great race!

  12. Congratulations on running a smart race (and for the PR)!!!

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