It’s been an entire week!

Eeeeekkkk!!!  I can’t believe I haven’t checked in since last Tuesday.  My work schedule coupled with my new boot camp routine has given me tons of energy during the day but requires an early bed time if I want to get it all done.  I am going to try to be much better in the next few weeks while work is insane.

Last week was my first week of Boot Camp and I spent Thursday through Saturday wondering if I would regain movement in my arms.  Once I got through my weekend workout Saturday night I felt world’s better.  It always amazes me how sore muscles start feeling great after a few minutes of pushing through.  I must admit that knowing I had the Wegman’s Flower City 5k on Sunday morning made me super nervous about getting tight again.  To head it off before I created my own demise I got super cozy with my foam roller and then I tucked into bed just before 9:30pm.

My alarm went off so early I don’t even want to revisit that part of the day.  I got dressed but because of the un-Holy hour I don’t remember anything until I got to the drive thru at Dunkin and ate just the egg patty on my breakfast sandwich and got a few sips of coffee in me.  Once the food hit my belly and the coffee reached my brain, the rest of my body got on board with the whole being awake thing.  Let’s be clear:  it was on board but I certainly wasn’t happy about it.  At 7:15 I met Colleen and we headed towards the coral.

Before the start of the half marathon, all of the runners shared a moment of silence in solidarity for the tragic events in Boston.  They played Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, which happens to be my ring tone, and always manages to take me to an earlier time, when we lived in Boston.  I may have teared up a bit.  After that they started the race and then lined up the 5k runners.  It felt strange not to line up with the half marathoners and even more bizarre to be left behind after they started.  Colleen and I headed into the back loaded corral and awaited the start.  I pretended to stretch (still working on that whole stretching thing) and soon enough we started the race.

I knew starting out that I had been running fairly slow and Colleen and I agreed to keep our pace around 9:30-9:45 and that worked brilliantly for the first two miles.  The race ended on rolling hills and at some point in the last half mile my body decided it was not really excited about said hills or about my pace.  I remember trying to tell Colleen that I couldn’t go faster.  She yelled at me…  I sped up.  I was so annoyed at my lack of speed, and at my tired legs.   Afterwards, rational me remembered that my legs aren’t used to doing squats and lunges three days a weeks and haven’t really acclimated to the increase in mileage and running 4 days a week instead of three yet.  Either way, we ended the race super speedy on a short downhill and came in at 31:22, about a full minute slower than my best.

Afterwards, Colleen and I walked around for about a mile and then we both headed home to go to work.  I spent the rest of the day pouting about my lack of PR, my lack of a sub-30 finish and about 1,000 other things.  Thankfully, by Monday morning I had come to my senses, reminded myself that so many people do not have the privilege of running at all and that PR or no PR, I ran and that in and of itself was an accomplishment.  I am working hard to grow stronger, I am taking steps to progress my running further and to push my body to new limits.  This race forced me to recognize that I have lots of other races this year, and though I may struggle through some of them, others will be amazing. The good news is that for every race that isn’t a wild success, I will find a new opportunity to improve myself.

Do you find yourself pouting after a performance that is less than stellar?  Have you ever taken steps back in  order to come back better?

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5 Responses to It’s been an entire week!

  1. Im a misfit and perhaps it has to do with aging?
    at 44 I am just GRATEFUL TO BE HERE and performing at all.


  2. Mindy Bobe says:

    Great job Sarah! Yes I used to get so upset if I had a race that wasn’t great. But I have since learned to use it as a learning experience. There’s always a next time!

  3. I definitely think it’s normal to pout when missing a goal. But I’m glad you got some perspective- you still ran a great race! And good for you for adding in boot camp- I think our muscles really appreciate when we mix things up.

  4. Abby says:

    I pout a bit too, but it is moving past the pouting that is important.
    Plus I totally hope you and I are way slower than Beka and Kat in DC. They have to finish first so they can throw cupcakes when we arrive!

  5. Beka says:

    I pout. But not for long – I usually just brush it off and make a new redemption goal. And yes i’ve definitely stopped and gone backwards when I feel like I’m on the verge of burnout or injury.

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