Marathon Training Week 3


Now I know I am traditionally not so great about posting about my training and I’m trying to change that.  Almost 3 full months into my runstreak, I’d like to try and make sure I am updating the blog as well as my Instagram and Runkeeper!  So here goes nothing! 



Day 76 of #36runsteak  and 21 of #rwrunstreak was a HUGE success and brought me an official PR of over 2 minutes on my 5k time!  Streaking has really changed so much about me as a runner but the biggest change is the fact that I am comfortable pushing myself to be uncomfortable now!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Activity Points Earned:  7


A mile to stretch out and a mile and a quarter on an incline to make sure I didn’t tighten up. I’m Getting smarter as the days go by!!this pace felt easy. It blows my mind how different I feel day to day. I needed this time to clear my jumbled thoughts and now I’m feeling great!! Day 77 of #36runstreak and day 22 of #rwrunstreak done.

Activity Points Earned:  5

One very tired mile and now I’m ready for bed. Meant to get on the TM about an hour ago but my body couldn’t seem to peel itself off the couch. A cat nap was exactly what I needed. Slowed things down tonight because my muscles were just plain tired!  There were 1,000 excuses I could have made to skip tonight but the promise I made to myself was far more important than those silly reasons to not give myself the 10 minutes to run before bed!  Say 78 (holy cow) of the #36runstreak and day 23 of #rwrunstreak is done and now I can go to bed! 

Activity Points Earned:  3

Slow and steady 3 miles this morning. I felt sore, tired and achy the whole time do Rob and I just plodded along. Nothing spectacular or exciting about day 79 of #36runstreak and day 24 of #rwrunstreak

Activity Points Earned:  6

All those times I complained about the freezing cold winter…  I take them back!  It’s hot out there.y love of sleeping in doesn’t always agree with marathon training!  Plan said 4 but I started late so I only had the time for 3. MUST .STOP. DILLYDALLYING!  So day 80 (OMG) of #36runstreak and day 25 of #rwrunstreak was a hit sweaty mess of average paced miles. I’m melting!!  Off to work!!  I guess I’ll have to tack a mile on tomorrow morning!!

Activity Points Earned:  5

To say I ran tipsy is a gross understatement!  Day 81 of #36runstreak and day 26 of #rwrunstreak involved pizza on the grill, several glasses of wine and a ton if smiles and good friends!  I should have run 3 miles but I didn’t have it in me. The good news is my legs weren’t sore like they have been all week! 

Activity Points Earned:  6



When chatting about my streaking I was reminded of my reason for streaking: I have committed to giving myself the gift of one mile a day. It’s not an obligation, or something I’m trying to prove as much as it really is the GIFT of time, clarity and healthy living every single day… Day 82 of the #36runstreak and day 27 of #rwrunstreak was all about giving myself 10 minutes.  A 10 minute mile on the treadmill was all I could manage to motivate myself for today but it was a mile and it was mine!!

Activity Points Earned:  2




This week was my lowest week mileage and activity points-wise.  My leg has gotten increasingly more sore and I’ve had to allow for that to avoid injury rather than just muscle soreness.  I know that with a trip to the massage therapist and proper stretching my body is going to feel better but I am still not taking the time post run to stretch out and I need to change that habit before I derail myself.  I guess knowing it is great but now it’s time to do something about it!! It’s on to week 4 of training and watching my mileage continue to build!


What commitment do you make to yourself to make sure you are in the right place?

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  1. Hope your week starts to feel better.
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