Week 4 of Wineglass Training


Oops!  I’m a few weeks behind.  I know you are all SHOCKED that I am juggling one too many balls and one dropped!  The good news is I am on vacation this week and I’ve had a fantastic and refreshing week, even if it was busier than  a week where I am working and trying to don my Super Mom cape while juggling work and life in general. 


I was super nervous pre-run since this is the farthest distance I’ve gone in quite some time! I was feeling super tired when we woke up and so we agreed a little extra sleep and an evening run was a better plan. We took it slow since both of us are struggling with muscle soreness in our right legs. The run worked out well and we both felt very comfortable. Still not sure where our race pace will end up but we are getting there! Day 83 of #36runstreak and day 28 of #rwrunstreak is complete :)


Activity Points:  10



Short mile plus to shake out with Rob after yesterday’s long run. I felt good once I loosened up and could have gone more but decided to give my legs a break and continue avoiding injury. Using my brain is so difficult. It was sticky and humid but not unbearable. Picked the pace up after yesterday. I’m really struggling getting used to running different paces and learning that I do t have to run full speed ahead every day. Who knew?? Day 84 of #36runstreak and day 29 of #rwrunstreak done!

Activity Points:    2


Day 85 of #36runstreak and 30 of #rwrunstreak is on the books and week 4 of #marathon begins! My hip/quad/glutes are still feeling tight so I’m following instructions and stretching!! I MAY even do some yoga tonight to give myself a little extra boost!!! A nice 3 miles with @briggsrobertw to end the evening.

Activity Points:  7


Day 86 of #36runstreak and day 31 of #rwrunstreak were a success at distracting my mind after a pretty insane day! Glad to say that #DangerBriggs is done with school for the year and ready to enjoy his summer as a soon to be 5th grader! I’m pretty much exhausted and looking forward to crawling up in bed but first I’m gonna stretch!

Activity Points:  6



Feeling super frustrated about uncontrollables right now so I did what I could and controlled my breathing, my feet and my mind. I ran fast enough to clear my mind of negativity and focus on only positives right now. Day 87 of #36runstreak and day 32 of #rwrunstreak are done and I can’t say I’m not thrilled to see the day end!

Activity Points:  5


I almost bagged the 3 miles since I’m planning on running 6.5-ish Saturday and 9 Sunday but I REALLY needed the stress relief and a half hour alone with the hubby :-) we even saw a baby deer on the trail!! Now to enjoy a quiet night with my family!! Day 88 of #36runstreak and 33 of #rwrunstreak was a great run to finish off a crazy day.

Activity Points:  8



Day 89 of #36runstreak and 34 of #rwrunstreak was 2.1 miles at the baseball fields instead of 6 plus on the trail. I was too nervous if fall and injure myself on the course so I decided to stick to the roads and accept that I may not hit my 80 miles goal for June. I’d rather fall short on mileage and remain injury free than have to quit streaking and nurse an injury! So I guess today I practiced my smarter not harder training strategy! Good stuff!!

Activity Points:  3



#36runstreak day 90 and #rwrunstreak day 35. It was a weird accidental combination of 9’s today: day 90, June 29th and 9 miles. Too bad I couldn’t fix the pace to have a 9 in it somewhere!! Date morning with @briggsrobertw I felt pretty good, should have hydrated better but I was okay and it was HOT!! We started around 8:15. I say this every Sunday but perhaps it’s time to set the alarm earlier next week! We have a busy family day ahead of us and I’m excited to get going as soon as I eat!!!

Activity Points:   17

I left this week feeling WAY more confident than I went in!  My longest run to date was easier than I expected and I ended the week looking forward to my next!!

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  1. Jenn says:

    That’s the best way to start your next week! Way to go!
    Jenn recently posted…thursday thoughtsMy Profile

  2. You are killing it.
    I am constantly shocked just watching your times (and Mindy’s too) plummet. You girls are getting crazy FAST.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Race The Landing – Recap 5My Profile

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