Wild Nights in our Marathon Training House!


Full Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Pop Secret.

Last summer, while training for the Marine Corps Marathon, I really struggled with the mental side of the training.  Prioritizing early bed times before long runs and limiting my alcohol intake on Saturday nights was tough for me.  I love the summer nights by the fire with friends, and it’s the slower time at work for me so I get to enjoy the social part of our lives more.  This time around, it was the biggest worry I had.  I knew I could run the mileage now, and I knew I was capable of doing it better than I had last time.  The lifestyle changes actually worried me more.

I’m wrapping up week 8 on Sunday and I’m excited that Rob and I have managed to juggle the social concerns thus far.  We have had commitments we couldn’t reschedule and having someone else there with the same commitment has been a huge help for me.  This Sunday we are running 13 miles and it marks the weeks of bigger mileage with that comes earlier bed times and less going out at night. 

As a family, we committed to keep the fun around on the weekends, even if the earlier bed times won’t be going away any time soon.  We have a whole bunch of Sunday afternoon and evening plans like Triple AAA Baseball games, picnics and evenings by the fire. 


On Saturday nights, we all snuggle into the  movie room and watch a movie (over by 10pm).  It’s made us quite the connoisseurs of   popcorn.  At first, we were using our old fashioned popcorn maker, which was great but left me with an hour of clean up afterwards which defeated the purpose of an early night so we have been opting for microwave popcorn instead.  Of course microwave popcorn is an art in itself, popping the maximum amount of kernels without setting fire to the bag.  As I popped 3 or 4 bags of popcorn, I found myself wishing there was less art and more science to the prep work. 


Imagine my excitement when the good people at Pop Secret launched their new app that does balances the scales for microwave poppers everywhere!!!  They have an app that makes each bag pop to it’s most perfect potential!  Last Saturday I popped two extra bags just so I could keep playing with the app!  Once I was done being ridiculous in the kitchen, I hauled all of the popped deliciousness, along with my Nuun upstairs and our Saturday night began.  The real beauty was at the end of the night when there was no machine to clean, not random kernels all over the floor and everyone was happy!  If you have an iPhone 5 + and ios 7, you can download it here:  POP SECRET

And because this video amused me…



Sunday morning brought an early alarm clock, no groggy Sarah or Rob and 12 relatively uneventful miles!  We held a terrific pace, felt great and could have kept going if we’d had to.  It was the exact kind of long run that reinforced our the choices and changes we are making are the right ones and it felt amazing to know that we are finally figuring out a balance in training and in life!  So from now until….  forever, It looks like we will be having ourselves some more of these ‘wild’ weekend nights!!!


Now if only I could manage to post as regularly as I’d like…  I’m working on getting that back on track too!



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