An End and a Beginning!

The last day of vacation is always hard.  The last day of vacation post marathon is even harder!!!  Last weekend feels so far away and yet I’m not ready to let go of it quite yet… 

I spent this week getting the house in order, purging my closet of clothing that no longer fits (yay…  20 pounds gone), and wound up actually relaxing for the first time in months! 

With nothing specific on the agenda, I allowed myself to run when I wanted to, as fast or slow as I wished, for however long I felt like.  Training plans are an amazing thing but after 20 weeks of planning, adjusting and juggling time, it was nice to just be and run!  I had a smile on my face for every run.  No stress but I have to admit that as the week wound down, I realized that I need to set some goals or I will wind up slacking on my training and activity.


This morning, I set out for a few miles with Rob.  It was his first post marathon run since he has been struggling with a sore ankle that sprung up a few days before the race.  He has been amazing about running my pace and pushing me through out marathon training and I know he is wanting to start moving faster.  After nearly 6 months of slowing down, I’d be ready too!  Today I wasn’t feeling great when we started out and I struggled to keep up for the first 2 miles.  Once I let loose some pretty ladylike belches and felt better, and I was able to push harder.  We finished the 3.5 miles at a ridiculous speed and somewhere along the way I set a goal for the spring.  I want to run a sub 2 half marathon.  It’s going to take work but I am up for the challenge!! 

Once we got back from our run this morning we headed out to Danger’s last football game at home and watched the boys play their hearts out.  It hasn’t been a winning season but the kids have steadily improved with each week and have remained positive and dedicated, regardless of what the scoreboard has said.  I am super proud of them!


After an already busy day, when we arrived home Rob decided to hang my medal rack he bought me (two Christmases ago) and I got to hang up all of my race medals all together.  I didn’t expect to be as shocked as I was.  Seeing all of my running accomplishments together was most humbling.  Each medal reminds me of a different obstacle overcome.  It was wonderful to travel down memory lane and revisit the triumphs and tragedies of efforts.  I got to feel thankful and proud of all again.  It definitely helped me to get excited about what is to come.  I still have races on the schedule for this year but knowing I have goals for 2015 is comforting to me!

Please excuse the puffiness that the extra 4 layers of clothing adds!

We finished the night at  a Haunted hayride laughing and screaming together with my local group of au pairs and I’m really feeling ready to head back to work tomorrow morning with my head in the right place.


Are you still focusing on racing and goals for this year or are you starting to look ahead?  What do you do to get yourself ready to go back to work after time off?

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