Transformation Tuesday; Attitude Adjustment!

I woke up Tuesday in a total funk.  I felt over-tired, cranky and had an overall crummy attitude for no reason.  It was going to be one of those days.  Usually I would have curled up on the couch and taken a nap in response.  In fact, I did for about an hour…  but when I woke up again I felt even grumpier, with less energy and more negative thoughts.  Excuses to waste the entire day floated around my head.  Negative thoughts about my Weight Watchers weigh in started forming.  I began obsessing about my post marathon rest week and being bloated at the same time.  I convinced myself I was in for a gain on the scale this week.  I actually started to think up reasons to skip my meeting…


And then I stood up and did the exact opposite of the plan I had formulated.  I got dressed.  I laced up my sneakers.  I grabbed Roo and we went for a walk with the dogs.  A mile didn’t feel like enough so we dropped the dogs off and set out on the trail and somewhere along the way I forgot I was grumpy.  I forgot that I had relaxed a bit more than usual last week.  I even forgot to be negative! 


Roo and I walked 6.5 miles and got to appreciate how beautiful the leaves changing are.  We explored a new part of the Auburn Trail that runs near my home.  We laughed, and chatted about silly things.  We talked about her training for a half marathon and how far she has come as a runner since she arrived in the US in May.  In a way that normally doesn’t happen, I got to listen.  In the best way possible, Tuesday transformed for me! 


I love looking at Transformation pictures each week.  It helps me put things in perspective and allows me to celebrate other people’s successes.  I can usually find some positive behavior that worked for someone else that can tweak my behaviors for the good.  This Tuesday though was different.  The transformation wasn’t physical, one I could see.  It wasn’t just my mood that was transformed.  Tuesday helped me see how much my behaviors and my attitude towards my own success had transformed for the better!  Instead of being a person who holes up and hides when they are feeling down, I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be. 


I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who changes their own circumstances rather than waiting for circumstances to change so that I can react.  I struggled with the confidence to do so for a really long time.  Yesterday showed me that I am finally making the positive changes in my environment so that I can feel comfortable and confident in the choices I make.  A funny thing happened when I took hold of the reins.  I didn’t have a crummy day.  I didn’t spend the rest of the day obsessing over what I ate before the weigh in and how it would impact the scale.  I walked in to my meeting with a smile on my face and when I got on the scale, I had actually lost 2 pounds!!!  That might not always happen , but it was nice to see that I didn’t let my less than positive outlook determine my own defeat! 



Have you had a small victory lately?  Share it with me!

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