“I could NEVER run a marathon” and other similar nonsense…

***DISCLAIMER:  Though my registration fee for these virtual races was waived because of my relationship with JOST RUNNING.COM, all opinions are solely my own!

Think you can't

“I could NEVER run a marathon” is one of the most common responses I get when I tell people I’m training for my second full marathon.  In fact, I remember saying this sentence many times myself.  I remember thinking that 26.2 miles was an insurmountable feat of awesomeness I was not capable of taking on.  But what if you could?  WHAT IF you could accomplish the task over a few days, a week, or a month?  This month, that is exactly what I did.  In fact, if you add up my mileage, I ran TWO full marathons, One half, One 10K and one 5K.  Not bad, huh?  I ran all that distance at a 10:03 pace, I burned 10,788 calories, and I did it in 12:45:22.  If only I could have earned a medal for all that racing…


The thing is I DID!!  At the beginning of June I registered for the CRANK IT UP virtual 5k, the 10k, a half and a full marathon at JOST RUNNING and when I completed the races and sent in my completion times, I was able to receive medals for all of these events!  And even better, I can track my results and my times on  their website which is different from any other virtual race I know of!


What’s a virtual race?  It’s a race where you pay your entry fee, you run the race and you receive a medal.  What’s different?  You can do this on any day of the week, at any location convenient for you, and you can finish the race in any amount of time you need.  What I really love most about this race is that it makes what seems impossible to a beginner totally achievable!  Is your goal to run 2 miles, 3 days a week?  Great, sign  up for the 10k.  Are you a walker, completing one mile every day?  Terrific!  In just two weeks you can complete a half marathon.  AND get a medal you can be proud of too!! 


Another fantastic thing about JOST RUNNING is that each month, they support a phenomenal cause to share their miles with by fundraising.  In June, fundraising efforts went to support The National Young Arts Foundation.  This foundation was established in 1981, to ” identify and support the next generation of artists and to contribute to the cultural vitality of the nation by investing in the artistic development of talented young artists in the visual, literary, design and performing arts.” I love that I am doing what I love, running, while I support young minds in pursuing what they love.  As a parent and a mother runner, I can’t see a better way WIN-WIN!


In July, JOST RUNNING is holding 4 more virtual races that you can register for.  This month, the BEAT THE HEAT virtual races will benefit GIRLS ON THE RUN San Diego!  The mission of Girls on the Run is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”  I’m not sure there is a cause that mirrors my philosophy on running any better.  To sign up for these races, you just need to go to JOST RUNNING and click on the race you can complete, whether it takes you a a half hour, a week, or a month do do so!  AND seriously, the medals for July’s races are even cooler than the ones I got in JUNE!!!




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Marathon Training Week 3


Now I know I am traditionally not so great about posting about my training and I’m trying to change that.  Almost 3 full months into my runstreak, I’d like to try and make sure I am updating the blog as well as my Instagram and Runkeeper!  So here goes nothing! 



Day 76 of #36runsteak  and 21 of #rwrunstreak was a HUGE success and brought me an official PR of over 2 minutes on my 5k time!  Streaking has really changed so much about me as a runner but the biggest change is the fact that I am comfortable pushing myself to be uncomfortable now!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Activity Points Earned:  7


A mile to stretch out and a mile and a quarter on an incline to make sure I didn’t tighten up. I’m Getting smarter as the days go by!!this pace felt easy. It blows my mind how different I feel day to day. I needed this time to clear my jumbled thoughts and now I’m feeling great!! Day 77 of #36runstreak and day 22 of #rwrunstreak done.

Activity Points Earned:  5

One very tired mile and now I’m ready for bed. Meant to get on the TM about an hour ago but my body couldn’t seem to peel itself off the couch. A cat nap was exactly what I needed. Slowed things down tonight because my muscles were just plain tired!  There were 1,000 excuses I could have made to skip tonight but the promise I made to myself was far more important than those silly reasons to not give myself the 10 minutes to run before bed!  Say 78 (holy cow) of the #36runstreak and day 23 of #rwrunstreak is done and now I can go to bed! 

Activity Points Earned:  3

Slow and steady 3 miles this morning. I felt sore, tired and achy the whole time do Rob and I just plodded along. Nothing spectacular or exciting about day 79 of #36runstreak and day 24 of #rwrunstreak

Activity Points Earned:  6

All those times I complained about the freezing cold winter…  I take them back!  It’s hot out there.y love of sleeping in doesn’t always agree with marathon training!  Plan said 4 but I started late so I only had the time for 3. MUST .STOP. DILLYDALLYING!  So day 80 (OMG) of #36runstreak and day 25 of #rwrunstreak was a hit sweaty mess of average paced miles. I’m melting!!  Off to work!!  I guess I’ll have to tack a mile on tomorrow morning!!

Activity Points Earned:  5

To say I ran tipsy is a gross understatement!  Day 81 of #36runstreak and day 26 of #rwrunstreak involved pizza on the grill, several glasses of wine and a ton if smiles and good friends!  I should have run 3 miles but I didn’t have it in me. The good news is my legs weren’t sore like they have been all week! 

Activity Points Earned:  6



When chatting about my streaking I was reminded of my reason for streaking: I have committed to giving myself the gift of one mile a day. It’s not an obligation, or something I’m trying to prove as much as it really is the GIFT of time, clarity and healthy living every single day… Day 82 of the #36runstreak and day 27 of #rwrunstreak was all about giving myself 10 minutes.  A 10 minute mile on the treadmill was all I could manage to motivate myself for today but it was a mile and it was mine!!

Activity Points Earned:  2




This week was my lowest week mileage and activity points-wise.  My leg has gotten increasingly more sore and I’ve had to allow for that to avoid injury rather than just muscle soreness.  I know that with a trip to the massage therapist and proper stretching my body is going to feel better but I am still not taking the time post run to stretch out and I need to change that habit before I derail myself.  I guess knowing it is great but now it’s time to do something about it!! It’s on to week 4 of training and watching my mileage continue to build!


What commitment do you make to yourself to make sure you are in the right place?

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Sometimes I lose things…

Confession:  I lose my car keys at least once EVERY day!  It’s so bad that I don’t even look where they belong when they are missing.  I never put them in the same spot, I rarely remember what the first thing I do when I walk in the house and it has a tendency to make me run late.  This used to happen with my house keys too, until I was offered the opportunity to review the Kwikset Kevo bluetooth lock last month. 

When the lock arrived, all shiny and new, I was super excited to get it installed.   I read through the directions and since they seemed ridiculously simple, I decided to install the lock myself.  It was crazy easy and I only needed to call in an extra pair of hands once.  Of course Rob had a blast taking pictures of Jasmine and I installing the lock instead of actually helping! 


Once you get the lock set up, you need to download the iOS app (android coming soon) since the lock is compatible with iPhones 4s and newer and then invite your users.  The lock comes with 2 electronic keys but right now when you purchase it, they are giving you 3 extra keys.  If you have a bigger family, or you wait until these extra keys are not available, no worries!  For a one time fee of $1.99 each you can purchase extra keys.    I also received a key fob, which we have put in Danger’s backpack since he does not take his iPhone to school!  Installing the electronic key to each phone was as easy as sending an email and accepting the invitation.  Danger managed to figure it out all by himself!! 


There are some features which I think are super cool.  As the admin of our lock (I AM THE GATEKEEPER), I can give someone access or suspend their access to our home.  This means that in an emergency, I could send my neighbor a key to get into my home and then later on, I could suspend their access when it was no longer needed.  This feature is going to be super useful for our house sitter on our next vacation.  I can control the access from my phone app, so it really in instant and fully controlled!  I love the idea that even when we are away from home, I can make sure everything is safe and secure!  I can even see who has locked and unlocked the door and at what times!!


It  took a couple of weeks to really get used to the bluetooth lock.  It’s not the kind of magic where you pull up in the car and the door unlocks.  It’s also not hands free.  You need to tap the lock in order to lock and unlock and I did have to go back and re-read the instructions so that I could get the house open the first time, every time.  I had not calibrated it correctly the first time (operator error) and once I figured out the problem, using the lock has been much easier!  Rob, Danger and Jasmine had none of the struggles I experienced so it’s fair to say the user is the problem and not the equipment! 

You can get yourself one of these runner friendly, no key stashed in your bra kind of locks for $219 at a variety of online retailers here.  I mentioned it earlier but for a limited time Kwikset is offering additional electronic keys for no extra charge.  The other thing I should mention is that the Customer Service has been fantastic.  I had to call when trying to figure out why my lock and my phone did not want to be friends.  The operator was awesome and helpful and did not make me feel like a moron for asking questions (sometimes twice).  The wait time was not terrible (which was awesome since I chose to call right before dinner) and I got my issue fixed in under 10 minutes. 

All around, this is a lock I really enjoy and I love the benefits it has offered.  Now if only I could install one on my car!


Do you lose your keys constantly?  Who would you give your extra keys to??

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Still Streaking!

Today is day 15 of the #RWRUNSTREAK and Day 70 of the #36RUNSTREAK and I am still excited about streaking!  It’s crazy because originally a 36 day streak felt overwhelming and I thought I’d be counting down the days till it was over.   Once day 36 came and went, I felt a ton of pressure fall away because at this point I have no forced amount of time I am streaking for.  Usually this would freak me out more but somehow I feel better about knowing that if something happens, or changes, I am not disappointing myself or anyone else.  I’ve fulfilled what I set out to do and I’m having so much fun that I want to keep the streak alive.  That said, I have been experiencing some aches, pains and tweaks that I owe all to my lack of stretching both before and after my run.  My right leg is experiencing pulling pain all over the place and  I’m basically chasing the hurt.  Mid week I thought I would have to throw in the towel on the streak but I have been slowing down my pace and focusing on the foam roller post run.  I’m still in pain but I am better than I was!


I weighed in last Tuesday 5 pounds down!  After a week with an inexplicable gain of 1.2 pounds, this felt like a great victory.  This week I have had several special events, a BBQ, and a wedding.  I counted every point (even the ones I didn’t want to), I planned the rest of the day and I packed a snack to fulfill my June WW focus!  At the wedding, I snuck a cookies & cream quest bar in my clutch so I wouldn’t be sad while everyone else ate cake. Dinner turned out to be more of a struggle because of Gluten more than WW points but I made it through.  I was super proud I alternated water with my alcoholic beverages which helped me keep points down and prevented dehydration on my Sunday morning long run!

week 2 marathon

Sunday was the end of week 1 marathon training too! Oddly, it was also my lowest mileage week since early May.   I’m excited to start increasing mileage again.  The whole idea behind streaking was to push me back into my running comfort zone so I could push past it.  The furthest distance I have completed since February in NOLA is 6 miles.  Now that I feel comfortable again, it’s time to start getting reconditioned to be comfortable being uncomfortable!  The notion of 7 miles shouldn’t feel super scary to me but it IS intimidating.  The rest of the week feels easy, with 3 days of 3 miles each.  I just keep telling myself its only one more mile.  Each and every run, like streaking, stands on its own and I am refusing to allow myself to become overwhelmed. 

Here is my mileage summary for this past week:

we june 8

My goal is to be better about updating my weekly mileage throughout the streak.  I know I haven’t been posting on the regular and I really am making an effort to find more time to allow myself to post. 


Do You Stretch PRE, POST, or MID run???  Did you always????

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Catching up and staying on track

The past few weeks have flown by with me barely realizing that I hadn’t posted.  Don’t get me wrong… I kept meaning to and it’s not like there hasn’t been things to write about…  But I traded sleep and family time for writing.  I’ve been staying on track and continuing to increase my activity, and I am loving both Weight Watchers and my Activelink tool.


Here’s a review of the past three weeks:

Month in review WW

You can see that as the Activelink has challenged me to  have increased my activity consistently every single week.  I have tracked all of my food with the exception of one day and technically I did track that day but was so sick that I barely used 1/3 of my daily points and I guess the tracker thinks that’s not enough! 

Last Tuesday I actually gained 1.2 pounds and really stressed out about it.  I let it ruin my entire night and most of the next day.  I beat myself up, moped, sulked, incessantly texted friends and pouted for about 36 hours.  Then I asked for help!  I called upon my favorite WW guru, Dani, and we chatted about the weekly topic, anchors, and she helped me figure out what night help keep me focused in times where I struggled.  My biggest frustration was that I had stayed within guidelines, I had earned more activity points and I felt pretty good going into weigh-in day.  Thankfully I have amazing friends who are encouraging, motivating and manage not to choke me.  I also have Abby who puts up with all my crazy, even the parts where I threaten to jump off the nearest tall building 100 times a day!! 

Tomorrow is weigh I day.  I feel great about this week.  I ate almost all of my activity points in hopes that last week was about not properly fueling my increased activity.  I am really trying hard not to obsess over what the scale says.  I know I have put in the work, and I have made notes on what I want to do better next week (which all boils down to better meal planning and packing lunches for work) and I’m ready for the scale.  I am hoping to lose what I gained and not putting too much stock in last week. 

I promise to be better about updating about my WW progress and about the #36runstreak . 

Have you ever gained weight when you expected the scale to go down?  Do you panic or are you more rational about your gains?

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The Jury is still out!!!

Today In served Jury Duty for the first time in my 36 years…  I will save you all of my whining and complaining.  I will tell you that it was a very inactive day for me though!  On a day where I normally spend my time moving around, I sat in a chair All day!  Alllllllll Daaaaaayyyyyyyy…… 



I bought an ActiveLink last Tuesday at my Weight Watcher’s meeting because after quizzing Dani about it, I decided I NEEDED it!  One less thing to keep track of and it helps me ramp up activity???  YES PLEASE!!!  I do best when I have goals and any device that sets them for me and tracks my progress is an obvious advantage for me.  It also makes me feel all fitness-y clipped to my bra!  Go ahead and roll your eyes….  I am! 

The ActiveLink  set up tells you not to change any of your habits  during the 7 day assessment (I’m clearly on day 3 with 4 to go).  I have been doing exactly what I do during any other week and until today I have not been surprised at all.  Today I spent the entire day ignoring my JAWBONE UP vibrating on my wrist and stressing over the fact that I barely stood up let alone moved.  I feel like I got robbed of a bazillion points today .

There is only one conclusion I have managed to come up with:  JURY DUTY IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! It’s also not good for your hair!  I had a crazy bad hair day until I washed and restyled post run! 


Seriously great hair recovery, right?  I’m back at Jury Duty again tomorrow and I am totally petrified about how I will remain as active as I normally am while stuck in the courtroom for another day.  This is also my big fear:  I don’t want to get stuck in a courtroom all night where I can not get up and move freely throughout the day.  My back is sore, my legs are STILL stiff and my mind is racing because I didn’t really do much but read today either!  

The other tough part about sitting still all day was that I had to fight the urge to snack and the conveniently located and fully stocked vending machines.  I managed not to get sucked in to their web today and tomorrow I will have to pack healthier, smarter snacks to keep me full and help distract me from all of the shiny silver wrappers.  If you are looking for me, I will be the girl in the corner of the courtroom quietly chomping on my pear!

Anywho…  Civic duty is great and all but the jury is still out on this sitting all day thing! 

Have you ever served on a jury?  How do you amp up your activity on days where you aren’t offered the opportunity to MOVE??

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I’m Breaking Bad Habits… I’m fighting my track record!

May is always my busiest month at work and it has a habit of derailing all of my healthier habits.  With my birthday and Mother’s day on top of each other on addition to an increased workload and extended work hours, historically this is the month where I forget to take care of me and look for easy outs and quick solutions.  I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to make sure that didn’t happen!

Here’s a summary of my past 4 weeks from my Weight Watchers:

Month 1 WW

Last week was a struggle because I allowed my birthday and Mother’s Day celebrations to overtake my hard work the rest of the week but I fought back and managed to still lose .6 pounds.  Week ONE I felt like crying because I only lost one pound.  Week 4 I jumped for joy at any loss!!  I guess its all about perspective, right?


Continuing the streak has been a fantastic decision.  I’ve managed to learn so much about what I am really capable of and I have become so much more comfortable setting goals for myself.  After years of setting goals and allowing myself to succumb to distractions, this streak has shown me that I can really make anything happen when I need to.  Already in May, I am pushing myself harder than I did in April!  With 14 days to go, I know I will hit my goals!!! 


I have found myself running a bit slower this month than I did last month but I’ve also had less aches and pains.  I’m excited for the longer distances I am running and for the official start of training for the Wineglass Marathon.  I know I am taking on a lot this year.  Last year I set lofty goals and instead of focusing on the small steps I took every day, I freaked out and allowed it to feel overwhelming.  I’m excited about all the baby steps this time around and I know my plans this year are smarter and more importantly I am feeling motivated instead of dreading  the unknown. 

I guess the big change in the past 8 weeks is really my attitude towards my goals.  Instead of being intimidated, I am CHOOSING to be excited and focused.


Have you ever set the same goals and felt completely different about them the second time around?

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Apera Bag Review


My #36to36RunStreak has impacted my running in so many ways.  My pace has decreased and I am feeling stronger every day.  I have good days and I have bad ones, easy runs and tough ones  but as long as I run I feel like they are a success.  The most curious part of my accomplishment is that I have kept running despite the excuses that have presented themselves repeatedly.  I’ve been traveling a ton over the past three months between vacations, racecations and work trips.  I normally pack a suitcase for work clothing and a giant gym bag for all of my running/gym clothing and juggle both bags and my gigantic purse through airports and hotel lobbies.  I look like a bag lady and it’s insanely frustrating because the gym bag is rarely organized, over stuffed and it smells like dead people and rotted gross-ness( runner over-share).  It never allows me a safe place to carry my iPad, giant laptop, or both.  


In February, when I arrived in New Orleans, Abby showed me her new bag and I nearly died of envy!  It had room for everything.  I’m not gonna lie, I blew up Apera bags on social media about my love at first sight with their tech pack, and after totally stalking them, they offered me a chance to review this bag.  It’s a rare day that I leave it at home and I’ve yet to travel without it since I received it. I’m pretty sure Rob is eying it and Danger has made several attempts at reallocating the bag for himself. I assure you that though they may eventually get their own, I am not giving this bag up. Let me tell you why…


First, let’s talk germs and ick….  My Tech pack is manufactured with anti-microbial product protection that lasts the entire life of the bag.  That means all the yuck from my nasty sweaty gym clothes is nuetralized in this bag and I don’t have to worry about all of the bacteria and germs I come in contact with in gyms, airports and hotels.  That means my bag protects me from everything from the common cold to dangerous infections.  The strategically placed vents, and the and the water proof base also do a great job of helping to prevent gnarly odors from stewing in my bag too.  No more smelling  like dead people in airports and lobbies!

As if it wasn’t enough that people can’t smell my bag before I enter a room, there are other benefits.  There are TWO giant pockets on the front of the bag.  I can easily fit two pairs of shoes in without looking like a giant turtle.  Even with the shoes, I have room for a change of clothes, and my water bottle and shaker cup PLUS it has a padded pocket that holds my laptop and my ipad.  Even craftier, it also came with a water resistant bag perfect for storing damp, dirty workout clothes that makes sure they don’t muck up everything else in the bag.

The extra room proved a life saver when we arrived in Galveston last month.  While I arrived safely as did my family and their luggage, my bag did not make it.  Luckily my Tech Pack was filled to the gills and I was able to run with that night and the following day in clean clothes.  Because it help my electronics and left tons of extra room, there was no major panic.  I can’t say enough about this bag!!!

If like me you are dying to have one of the bags for all of your travel you could go to their website and buy one OR you could hop on over HERE and enter your email address and enter to win one of your own.  Each month, Apera is giving one winner a bag in whichever color they choose.  This month they are giving away the Apera Duffel Pack!!  Head  on over and enter~~~


Do you travel often?  How do you get all of your gear plus your regular clothes to your destination?  Have you ever had your luggage lost?

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Smarter snacking with #VegaBars

This was week 3 of of Weight Watchers and when I weighed in last Tuesday I was feeling a little bit down.  I lost 1 pound for the second week in a row and really struggled to celebrate that success because I had put a lot of expectations on my weigh in.  After really thinking about what I had done well and what I could do differently to get a better result, I decided that being prepared for the moments of sudden hunger was certainly a great start.  I also needed to find a better way to refuel post run.  Conveniently my affiliation as an Sweat Pink ambassador afforded me an opportunity to review some newly launched snack and meal replacement bars from Vega

Vega Bar Family Shot

Wednesdays and Thursdays are long days at work for me and they are often so busy that I end up eating on the fly.  I either eat too little without the time to sit down and eat or I over eat because I graze all day long which can make it difficult to track how much I’ve actually consumed.  The Vega One Bar helped me to stay nourished and avoid the insane hunger that comes after skipping a meal.  I must advise that at 270 calories, and 7WW points, this is NOT A SNACK!!!  It is definitely not an everyday solution for me but since they are non-GMO, Gluten free and have no artificial ingredients, they are a great way to avoid the feeling of hunger throughout the busier days for me. 

Vega Snack Bar


Dessert is a big thing in my house where both Danger and Rob are blessed with excellent genetics and the wisdom to know when not to lick the bowl.  I lack both the genes to maintain tall and thin effortlessly and the self control to lick bowls so I struggle when they indulge.   Ordinarily I abstain from dessert or grab fruit instead.  Its hard not to feel cheated some days when they are digging into a giant bowl of ice cream!  This week I tried subbing the Vega Snack Bar and I was really surprised at how satisfying it really was!  I must admit I was surprised to find that they were 170  calories and a whopping 5 WW Points so I’m not sure that these will become a regular snack choice for me.  I will say that it is a great substitute instead of ice cream or cake that still satisfies my sweet tooth.


Vega Sport Bar- All

Post Crossfit  I grabbed a Vega Protein Bar to refuel.   This is unquestionably my favorite of all the bars!  At 240 calories and 6 WW points, it was almost the same as a protein shake and it was covered in chocolate.  It was a refuel and a reward at the same time.  With flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut Butter,made with no artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners,  I felt like  I hit the jackpot!!  These are a bar I will be ordering more of. 

Along with these Vega Bars, I’ve made sure to pack fresh veggies and fruit.  I’ve been planning my week’s meals and packing all of my food for the day the night before.  I think I’m finally finding a balance with my food and making peace with tracking my food forever in order to reach my goal AND stay there.  I’ve been at goal, and below but I always seem to creep back up and I am finally ready to admit that it happens because of sheer laziness and lack of self accountability.  I’m excited about this acknowledgement on my part because it means I can start working on my goals instead of making excuses.


Have you tried anything new lately???  Have you learned anything about yourself lately??

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So What Happened Was………..

I disappeared for almost an entire month.  The first week was self imposed silence while I was on vacation but I did have some awesome guest posters  lined up.  The last two weeks of my disappearance weren’t by choice, and was actually due to some coding AND security issues that I have finally resolved.  Now that all of that is settled, I have some MAJOR updates for you.  Buckle your seat belts…  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Let’s start with the #36to36RunStreak: 


I was totally inspired by Holly and Cecilia  and their running streaks and decided to hop on the bandwagon.  Since Holly’s birthday is just two weeks before mine, and we were both turning 36, I decided that like her I would attempt a 36 day running streak.  I got super excited and started 2 days early.  I am super excited to say that this is day 28 and I am still going strong!  My pace has been surprising me and the longer I streak the more improvement I see!  It’s exciting to see that I found 10:30 challenging only 4 weeks ago and now I am running 9:10 with effort but not difficulty.  I have stayed at or below 4 miles every day this month for a current total of 50.2 miles and I know I will be adding a few miles to that!  I focused on rebuilding my confidence as a runner and my weekly mileage this month.  I’m pretty excited about what the next month will bring and I have decided to continue streaking until it doesn’t feel right anymore.  My next goal is to run to Rob’s 36th birthday at the end of August.  Since we are running the Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half Marathon at the very end of that month, I am hoping I can race train and streak at the same time.  Since we are registered for the Wineglass Full in October this may take some juggling.




Vacation was amazing!  AAAAHHHHHHMAAAAZZZINGGGGGG!!!  In true Sarah fashion, my luggage did not arrive when we did, AGAIN!  Thankfully it was resolved super quick.  The weather was warmer, we were surrounded by family and friends and we all got a chance to just relax and unwind.  It was the most relaxed I think Rob and I have been in a year and even Danger got to chill out a bit.  It was really perfect.  We ran every day, we walked after dinner each night, and we ate and drank unreasonable amounts of crazy delicious foods!  It was seriously so good for my heart and my soul to spend time with my family and appreciate all that we have.  I needed the trip more than even I realized.  I came back renewed, refreshed and clear minded.  Of course it just made the snow we returned home to that much more unpalatable! 


Food is my friend, not my foe:


Since MCM in October I have really struggled with my weight and each month the scale has crept up.  I gained over the holidays but then continued unchecked for all of January and February.  In March I started tracking my calories but since I wasn’t running or making it to Crossfit consistently, it just made me aware of how out of control I had allowed my eating to get.  Although I enjoyed the workouts of the 21 Day Fix, I wasn’t super diligent about the eating plan and I wasn’t good about tracking.  I decided that I needed something else, something more familiar but that had more accountability to my self but also to others.  After much discussion and a very telling realization that I spend $40 a month on coffee but didn’t want to pay the monthly fee for Weight Watchers, I enrolled in the monthly meeting pass and I’ve been tracking my points and feeling more in control since I joined two weeks ago.  Last week I lost 1 pound and though I had hoped for more, I am happy to be on the right track and feeling better about food.  I started a Dani’s DietBet today and I’m hoping that adds to my accountability and focus to stay on track this month, as well. 


So What’s to come?

With May upon us, I am excited to keep streaking, keep losing and to hold on to the feeling of inner peace I gained back while away on vacation.  My birthday is on the 8th and I am looking forward to making this year the best it can be instead of waiting to see what is coming to me.  Thirty Six will be the year I define rather than a year that defines me, as I allowed 35 to be most of the time.  I’m not sure of all the steps coming my way but I know that I am going to enjoy all of them!!

Have you ever done a run streak?  How long did it last?

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